About Us

The American Association for the Certification of Training Program (AACTP) is a non-profit organization headquartered in California and approved by U.S. laws. The sole purpose of the AACTP is to certify high quality training programs, to certify training professionals and to offer certification training.
Our approved certificates are recognized internationally. Our services are available not only in the United States, but also in overseas especially in Asian countries. As one of the leading certification organizations in the United States, we are experienced in evaluating and certifying both training programs and training instructors. Our staff members are well-known experts of evaluation and certification, who are teaching in leading American universities and consulting for many well-known organizations including the United Nations.
As a leading certification organization, we are experienced in dealing with the complexities of evaluating training programs and training instructors, as well as in designing first-rate training programs. We have developed a unique AACTP system for certification and training. With this AACTP system, we offer a fully integrated and flexible service ready to meet our customers' needs.

Our Advantage

  • AACTP has a unique evaluation and assessment system to ensure the high quality of our programs. This evaluation and assessment system has been tested on many well-known programs including that for the United Nations.
  • AACTP has a unique training system and a complete set of training programs. All our training programs and courses were tested in the United States and in China for many years.
  • AACTP holds exclusive rights to all of our certificates, and the related curriculum together with the related training materials.
  • AACTP has the best curriculum and instructional materials. Most of our course designers hold doctoral degrees from prestigious universities like Stanford and have experience in designing courses for America's best universities and training groups.
  • AACTP instructors are experienced professors and management executives from the fortune 500 companies. They all have many years of teaching experience with us or with other famous training organizations.

Operation in the World

  • AACTP has formed alliances with many American, European and Asian universities and training organizations
  • AACTP's staff members maintain a close working relationship with many American professional associations such as the American Evaluation Society, the Academy of Management and the American Statistical Association.
  • ICLC-International Certification of Leadership Coach is a joint Certification Program of AACTP and Stewart Leadership. Stewart Leadership is an international leadership consulting group, whichhas been building leaders for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for over 35 years.
  • In order to continue our development training proficiency, AACTP China support to build up 27 AACTP Trainers clubs in 19 cities of China (up to Aug.2019).